About Us

Well, what about us? Not much to be frank. We are a small company with a big heart. We love what we do. As we’ve said before … to some people, what we do may seem trivial. Ask a person who has made a piece of Personalised Word Art and you will get a different answer.

Once you get past the canvas and the design work, every single one of these pieces that leave our doors is an act of love from one person (or group of people) to another. The effort it takes to set aside the time to think about an exquisitely personal descriptive list of words and to capture them in a design says something special about the relationship. Love is expressed in many ways and this is a very personal way to do it. To quote one of our customers from our Facebook page, “The Word Art canvases I have had made for friends and family are some of the most special gifts I have given…”.

We realise that what we do is a privilege and we’re grateful that we can we part of a business that brings love and light into the lives of other people.

Personalised City-scape Word Art

City-scape Personalised Word Art Canvas